How to make a Gif in Photoshop

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make a Gif in Photoshop

If you prefer photoshop now the first thing you need is a bunch of images of course images that were shot in a sequence usually work best in an animated GIF. We are going to use create our animated GIF in photoshop.

For this Photoshop tutorial, let’s start by doing a simple frame-by-frame animation, and then we’ll turn that into a looping GIF. 

Nowadays I need to appear you how to form an energized gif interior in photoshop and make beyond any doubt that you simply stick around until the exceptional conclusion of the web journal to see how to form a vivified GIF.

This blog is for beginners to create a gif in photos.

So we’re going to open up photoshop.

Make a Gif in Photoshop Follow these steps:-

Step 1: Upload your images to Photoshop

The first step is to create an animated GIF and photoshop is to create a new document. Click on the Create New Document Button, and Set the Width and Height. There’s no specific size for an animated GIF, But you do not have to keep the small size so that you don’t have a large file size. Then, make sure you set the resolution to 72, and under advanced options, set the color profile to sRGB and click on the OK button.

make a Gif in Photoshop

Step 2: Select the Scripts

make a Gif in Photoshop

We’re going to open up photoshop you have exported the images with At least 1080 pixels on the long side so they’re not very large I mean most often you don’t want your gif. those images at 1080 are big enough so you’re going to load them in photoshop, click File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack.


If you want to import a video then you can into file > Place Embedded. From your computer locate the video file. Tap on it and after that tap on the Place button.

make a Gif in Photoshop

From here click on Browse and a finder window will pop then you could go to the folder you can see and we’ll just select them all you click on one and hold shift so we have to select them all we’ll click open now they’re loaded into the load layers dialog box. Now you have to select the button ‘ Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images’, So we make sure that they’re all aligned and we’re going to click OK.

Step 3: Open up the Timeline from the Window

If you want to appear in the timeline panel then go to Window > Timeline and select it.

After selecting the timeline the timeline panel will appear on the bottom screen.

Step 4:-Click “Create Frame Animation.”

Now we have to do you have a timeline down here now what you want to do is to click on Create Frame Animation there are only two choices so we’re going to create frame animation then after you do that click right on create frame and animation as though it’s a button and when you do that it loads an image down here in the timeline.

make a Gif in Photoshop

make a Gif in Photoshop

Step 5:-Convert your layers into animation frames

We’re going to make frames from layers and when you do that and you’ll have all of the images in the timeline.

Download gif

You can change from selecting this button you can select 3 times or once or forever or specify the number of times that.

You also set the timing by selecting the first frame hold the shift at the last frame we’re gonna do it to set the timing to an or point one second in the instance you can speed up or slow down your animation by choosing your own time.

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Step 6:-GIF by pressing the play icon

Now that we could is hit the play button there’s play button way down here in the bottom and when you hit that it’s going backward so what we’re going to do is to flip them around now to do that go back to this little fly-out menu and then go to reverse frames, so when you click on reverse frames it should work properly.

Step 7:-Save your GIF

Okay now we’re going to come down to a file if you’re working with previous versions such as CC 2014 or older versions you’ll see us save for the web here now is CC 2015 it’s been stacked inside of the export menu here and it’s now called Save for web (Legacy).

So we’re going to choose that option and in the options here we’re going to select the GIF option there now I would recommend using the maximum number of colors to get a smooth gradation we’re not we are working with millions of colors like we’re working in with JPEG files. one of the quality restrictions here is we’re going to work with just 256 colors so you may some banding or stepping in smooth areas such as the sky. so we want to choose a dealer option here we are also a chooser and we can choose different color palettes such as perceptual or selective or adaptive.

The size of our animated jiff very large gifs will attend to a load a little bit more slowly in web browsers before they will play okay.

Make sure you selected to convert to SRGB otherwise so just remember to convert this to SRGB, Lastly hit save and again save this on the desktop and hit save okay.