How to Add Subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro(Tutorial)

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Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web. Creative tools and integration with other apps and services help you craft footage into polished films and videos. 

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

 Premiere Pro is available only as part of a Creative Cloud plan. You can choose to buy an annual subscription upfront or pay for a plan on a monthly basis. All subscriptions include ongoing access to new features and updates so you always have the latest tools to push the limits of your creativity. The price is $20.99/month. The second subscription option is Adobe Cloud All Apps, which costs $52.99/month. 

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

Add subtitles in Premiere pro Tutorial step by step:-

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

Part 1:- How to Add Timeline in Premiere pro

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

First, open premiere pro and tap the button on ‘new project’. Then automatically ‘new file’ opens. Then Drop the text file into your Premiere Pro project, like any other piece of media.

Drag the SRT from the Project panel into your sequence and drop it anywhere in the sequence.

After that drag and drop your video or go to file then ‘Import’.

Then drag your video to the timeline then automatically your video comes into the program for better effects.

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

Part 2:- How to Add Subtitles in Premiere pro

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

To get started I just added a video with an audio clip to my timeline. Let’s begin with going up to ‘file’ and then ‘New’ and then ‘captions’. The first option will be ‘CEA-608’ below that there is an option ‘CEA-708’ Then go to select ‘Open Captions’ and then ‘ok’.

After that their captions are shown in Project: Whatever.

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

Then let’s drag the caption option into the project panel on the timeline.

Just drag your caption so that the duration matches the video duration.

so each in the caption clip there is a black option you can double on this black bar to open up the captions panel.

Here the first thing you wanna do is to change your caption. you also change the font size or background shade. Another useful thing you can do is to change the captions opacity by clicking the square and dragging the percentage value additionally any of these small ggridsquares will allow you to change the position of your caption in your frame. you can also change your captions position more precisely by dragging these x and y values.

you also increase the panel to see all the settings.

Add subtitles in Premiere pro

you can also adjust the duration of this caption. so it lines up with the first section of the audio. you can drag the black bar and also change when the captions playback by dragging the middle of the black bar.

Let’s add our next caption by clicking this plus point in the captions panel. you’ll just type some text for the next caption.

Part 3:- Import & Export Settings for Subtitle video

If you’re collaborating with others (like a translator) on your subtitle project, it helps to know a bit about importing and exporting the caption files. Instead of working within the same Premiere project (.prproj file format), you can take exported caption files and import them to your project.

Once you finished adding captions and go to export your video under the captions tab you’ll see export options that will let you burn your captions and also the sidecar file or simply none of that options. Then select Burn captions into video After that select the export option.

You also can add the video to your PC.


Q. Can I include subtitles to a video that’s as of now within the timeline?

A. Yes, you’ll include subtitles to a video that’s as of now within the timeline by selecting the caption apparatus and clicking on the timeline where you need to include the caption.

Q. Can I import subtitles from an external file?

A. Yes, you’ll consequence subtitles from an outside record by reaching the Record menu and selecting Purport.

Q. How can I synchronize my captions with my video?

A. Yes, you’ll consequence subtitles from an outside record by reaching the Record menu and selecting Purport.

Q. Can I alter the position of the captions on the screen?

A. Yes, you’ll alter the position of the captions on the screen by selecting the caption within the timeline and utilizing the Caption Properties board to alter the situation.

Q. Can I add different languages to my video?

A. Yes, you can add captions in different languages to your video by creating multiple caption files in different languages and exporting each version separately.


Adding subtitles to your videos in Adobe Premiere Pro can greatly enhance their accessibility and appeal to a wider audience. By following this step-by-step guide, you can create accurate and synchronized captions that complement your video project. Remember to customize your captions to suit your preferences, and export your video with subtitles for the best results. With these tips, you’ll be able to make professional-quality recordings that are available to a worldwide gathering of people.

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