How to make frame in Photoshop

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Photoshop borders and frames

Photoshop borders and frames

In this blog, I want to share three remarkable easy ways to add a border to an image in photoshop these are great to know if you don’t have time to learn advanced editing one of the methods even works great for producing photos with a standard size the first method is best for adding a simple black and white or color border around an image to apply a border.

I Method:-

I to begin with ought to change over my foundation picture to a layer I can effortlessly do this by double-clicking the layers within the layers window which shows a new discourse where I can enter the name of the layer on the off chance that you’ve got numerous layers in your picture as of now you’ll be able to solidify them into an unused layer fair utilize the alternate route move + ctrl + alt + E.

we have our image converted to a layer we can use the stroke option in the layer effects to add a border you’ll find the layer effects icon at the bottom of the layers window showing an fx symbol click this and choose the stroke option to open the layer styles dialog the stroke is a thin line and goes around the edge of the layer.

we can make the stroke wider using the slide slider to create a border if we want to change the border color.

we can click this color swatch and then pick a new color it’s possible you might not see the border. when you first add it usually because you need to set the border position to be inside the edge of the image if I set the position to be outside of the image it hides the border and if I set the position to be center.

you see only half of the border after configuring the border settings click the ok button to apply it to the image a great thing about this border is that non-destructive I can turn it off or on by clicking the eye icon next to the effect in the layers window. Let’s remove the border now by right-clicking on the effect and choosing the clear layer styles option.

Photoshop borders and frames

II Method:-

The next way to create a border uses the stroke command but this time from the menu as this is a destruction edit I’m first going to add a new empty layer to apply the border I can do this by clicking the new layer icon in the layers window you can see the new layer then added at the top of the layers window with a check of thumbnail this shows that the layer is empty and transparent. so we can see the other layer below it I now want to entire layer by pressing the command on my keyboard if you’re using ctrl+ a when you do this sure you have the empty layer selected in the layers.

After creating the selection you should see the marching ants appear around the edge of the layer.

Now I can select the stroke option from the edit menu you probably recognize most of the controls from the Layer styles dialog. we looked at earlier after adding a black border to this image. I’ll remove the selection using the deselect option in the menu as the board is on a separate layer.

Photoshop borders and frames

I can turn it off and on as well as adjust the opacity another advantage of having the border on a separate layer is that we can use it to create a burned edges effect to do this duplicate the border layer by selecting it in the layers window and pressing ctrl and j on your keyboard with a new copy layer selected then convert it to be a smart object. I’m doing this so that when I apply the blur filter I can continue to adjust the level of blur next. I’ll select the filter menu and then in the blur section pick the gaussian blur filter.

If I can hide the border layer you can see the burned edges effect more clearly to make the effect stronger though I can duplicate the smart object again if I double-click on the gaussian blur smart filter. I can then change the level of blur.

Photoshop borders and frames

III Method:-

Make a square image by changing the changing canvas size all images in photoshop in photoshop sit on the canvas background. you can’t see this most of the time since it’s more often than not the same shape and estimate as the picture for the impact. I’m going to first duplicate the layer containing the image. you’ll see how I can resize the image canvas by clicking the image menu and then the canvas size option.

If you see the width and size settings at zero. when you open the dialog box it’s because you have this relative option ticked. click once to turn it off and you should see the width and height of the image displayed. I have my dialog set to display inches but you can use any of the other sizes because I want to make this a square image.

I’m going to copy the measurement at the longest side which in this case is the width. I’ll then paste the values to the height so that it’s the same as the width this produces a square canvas. which the image layer sits on the other important thing when using this dialog is to set the anchor point this determines.

Photoshop borders and frames

which estimate of the canvas is resized to create the picture showing up within the center of the canvas. we need to set the anchor point to the center. you can change where this anchor point is by clicking the square after clicking on the center square click the ok button.

Presently you’ll be able to see the picture within the center of the straightforward canvas. What I want to do now is fill the canvas using one of the image layers to do this I’ll select the move tool in the tools palette. When I click on one of the grab handles from the layer. I can resize it so that it covers the canvas notice. I’ve got the maintain aspect ratio option selected in the toolbar after resizing the image. I can accept the transformation I’m now going to convert the layer to a smart object as we did before that. I can apply the gaussian blur filter to the smart object now I can set the level.

Create a soft background effect with the other layer. I’m going to apply a layer style now and add a one-pixel stroke to the image. This is to help it stand out against the blurred background and then. I’ll add a drop shadow effect this is a great way to create a standard-sized image using a border.

Photoshop borders and frames

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Q: Can I use a pattern for my frame instead of a solid color?

A: Yes, you can fill your selection with a pattern instead of a solid color. Essentially select “Design” from the Fill discourse box and select the design you need to utilize.

Q: Can I create a frame with rounded corners?

A: Yes, you can create a frame with rounded corners by selecting the Rounded Rectangle tool instead of the Rectangular Marquee tool.

Q: Can I create a frame with a gradient effect?

A: Yes, you can create a frame with a gradient effect by selecting “Gradient”.

Photoshop borders and frames


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Photoshop borders and frames