How to Create wonderful Text effect in Adobe Premiere Pro 2021

How to Create wonderful Text effect in Adobe Premiere Pro 2021
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Text in Adobe Premiere Pro

The text positively enhances the video. By adding a text effect to a video for whatever reason, the video seems more professional and draws viewers in. The most important video editing tool is text, particularly when creating videos for social media networks.

You may add a text effect to a video in Premiere Pro to give it a polished look. The text draws viewers to the video and improves the video’s quality and clarity.

Text effect in Adobe Premiere Pro:-

Choose the drop-down option under “Essential Graphics” on the window toolbar. this gives a graphic and effects to the text.

1.1 Essential graphics :

Text editing in Premiere Pro Even if you are a newbie, it is quite easy.

Text effect in Adobe Premiere Pro
essential graphics

Text in Adobe Premiere Pro

1.2 Choose the text-type tool (t):

You may either use the cmd T key to pick the text tool or the text (T) type tool from the tool left to the timeline to add text.

Select the text (t) type tool
Text (T) type tool

If tools are not showing then click on the window and then workspaces and select the captions or you may use cmd alt+shift+4.

Add a text box
Text (T) type tool

Text in Adobe Premiere Pro

1.3 Add a text box :

Write your text using the text-entry tool by choosing it, clicking the viewer window, and dragging the box lower. you also draw the text box by clicking on the text (T) type tool and hitting the cmd ctrl+t.

Then deselect the text type tool by clicking on the selection tool. Once it turns blue, you may drag or move the text area wherever you wish.

1.4 Customize the text :

  • Size: Drag the white corner dots of the text box to change the text’s size. You may also alter the text size using the crucial graphic by dragging the line or writing the size that is displayed below the text font area.
Customize the text :
  • Color: To add color to the text, select Essential Graphics > Appearance. Here, you may alter the text’s color as well as its text stroke, shadow, and background.
Customize the text
  • Font: You must specify the font and text alignment in basic graphics. You also add styles to the text.
Customize the text

2. How to add text templates :

By employing text themes for your text, you may enhance the appeal of both your video and text.

Text in Adobe Premiere Pro

2.1 Add browse templates:

Click on Browse in the section for necessary graphics to get beautiful graphic text templates to utilize as templates. You may select a template that works well for your video, drag it into your timeline, then adjust your text to match your film.

Create and save your template

2.2 Create and save your template

You may store a text or text video you make as a motion graphic template and use it again in the future.

As a motion graphic template, save the text or text movie as follows:

Choose the text to choose the graphics, choose Export As Motion Graphic Template, and then save the file with the appropriate name.

motion graphic template

Go to File > Import and then choose the saved template to use.

3. Text position and scale:

Moving text makes a video appear more appealing and professional when editing it for any reason.

To get this effect, you may change the locations and scales of your text in the video.

For occasion, it’ll be more locked in the event that the text is appeared within the motion picture moving from cleared out to right or from foot to beat. Click on effects, then open the text panel, transform it, and position it before clicking the clock icon on the left to create this effect. Next, move your text and add keyframes from the text’s right side. Between two arrows, there is a sign for keyframes.

Text position and scale
Text position and scale: